Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have become ex-billionaires in a matter of days. The twin brothers reaped an incredible windfall last December off of Bitcoin and other digital investments.The twins first entered the limelight when the sued Mark Zuckerberg and won a $65 million settlement. They used this money to purchases roughly 120,000 Bitcoins.

Wednesday crash in Bitcoin prices slashed over $800 million in the Winklevoss’s net worth. Each brother now has $739 million. Although, the brothers have never officially disclosed the number of Bitcoin they have amassed, unless they have sold some of their initial investments, they have likely seen their wealth drop 40% overnight.

The Winklevoss brothers, however, maintain a positive outlook. They made most of their fortune from the rapid rise in Bitcoin last month. With another spike, they will easily be able to recover most of their losses.

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