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Bitcoin back above $10,000 after plunging to a six-week low

Bitcoin made waves this morning when its price plunged to $9,186, dropping below the $10,000 mark for the first time in six weeks and shedding half its value from its December high of $19,511. Panic set in almost immediately as investors worried Bitcoin’s bubble was about to burst.

More Investors Using Credit to Buy Bitcoin: Why It’s a Problem

TA poll performed in December by LendEDU revealed that almost a fifth of Bitcoin buyers financed their purchases with credit cards. While some of these buyers will pay off the credit quickly, others will carry an unpaid credit card balance. This suggests that Bitcoin investors trusted that the value of...

How to Protect Your Bitcoin from Cyber Crime

The recent price surge of Bitcoin has attracted a growing number of investors looking to profit from cryptocurrency mania, but many do not realize they are exposing themselves to an equally thriving enterprise: cyber crime. Hacked cryptocurrency exchanges have led to millions of dollars worth of losses.