A father in Perth, Australia has had a felicitous change in fortune thanks to investments he made in Bitcoin. Ryan Tate had depended on Centrelink, the Department of Human Services program responsible for the disbursement of Australia’s social security payments, to support his fiance and two kids.

For years the family struggled to make ends meet and watched as they fell further and further into debt. After many failed efforts to find steady employment, Tate made the decision to invest in Bitcoin last September. Five months later, Tate and his family have paid off almost all their bills. He is making an average of $2,000 a day off his investments, and on his best days has earned $10,000 overnight.

Tate ,39, opened up about his life-changing decision to Daily Mail Australia: ‘I’ve got a young daughter and an older step-daughter and we were struggling big time financially surviving on just my wage plus Centrelink. So I decided to put some money into Bitcoin, it was just a bit over $900, and now I have close to four bitcoin. I’m making a minimum $2,500 a week and have even had days where it’s been up to $9,150.” For his fiancé, Anna, the crowning moment was being able to walk into Centrelink and request they stop sending them payments, an experience she found incredibly powering after going through periods where she could not afford groceries for her family.

Over the years Tate has done everything from fitness training to crayfishing to fixing air conditioners. Now he has found a way to make thousands in passive income. In the meantime, he is working as a motivational speaker and trying to help as many people as he can stabilize their financial situations. He is confident that his investments will continue to grow and wants to share his positive experiences with other families in need of good fortune.

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